Fractionation: A New Era in Laser Resurfacing


This book chapter reviews the reasons behind Welman's Labs development of a fractionated device, its early research, and its adoption by the great majority of laser surgeons. Delayed healing, persistent redness, delayed onset permanent loss of pigmentation were just some of the reasons for this overnight coup and ousting of the  traditional resurfacing techniques. 


Much credit must be given to Rox Anderson, Dieter Manstein and Len Debenedictis the two physicians and lead engineer who designed and developed these ingineous devices. Most devices have a relatively short lifetime of exuberant excitment on the part of the laser companies, laser surgeons  and buying public before crashing on the heap of under utilized devices. Occasionally, a concept will stick around like Richard Nixon and stand the test of time.  Come to think of it, maybe Nixon is not the best comparison ...

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